Machine Learning Images

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    Scaleway’s Machine Learning images provide experts from various fields - including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data - with the most popular tools for their workflows, quickly and simply.

    Every project can be enhanced using our world-class GPU in the cloud, with the frameworks, tools and packages that you need directly on your Instances: PyTorch, Tensorflow, Nvidia R RAPIDS, JAX etc.

    Our GPU Machine Learning Images are provided at no additional cost.

Ubuntu Bionic ML 10.1

CUDA® 10.1

Ubuntu Bionic ML 10.1 is the latest version of Scaleway’s Machine Learning Images. It includes the most recent stable versions of your frameworks: CUDA 10.1, Tensorflow 2.2, PyTorch 1.5.

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Ubuntu Bionic ML 9.2

CUDA® 9.2

Ubuntu Bionic ML 9.2 is a Scaleway Machine Learning image specially maintained for users that need a previous version based on CUDA 9.2

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