Containers Pricing

Leveraging containers allows you to optimize costs by precisely matching resources to your needs, which can be particularly advantageous in terms of pricing

Kubernetes Kapsule

Starting with a free plan to the dedicated offer, Start and scale with Kubernetes Kapsule, integrated with all the necessary components: Container registry, Volumes, Load Balancers, Instances and even GPUs.

NameMemoryReplicasMax NodesSLA 99.5%CommitmentPriceApprox. per month
Kapsule "Mutualized"Up to 4GB1150N/AN/AFreeFree
Kapsule Dedicated-44 GB dedicated2250YesYes€0.11/hour€80/month
Kapsule Dedicated-88 GB dedicated2500YesYes€0.18/hour€131/month
Kapsule Dedicated-1616 GB dedicated2500YesYes€0.35/hour€255/month

Kubernetes Kosmos

Embrace a multi-cloud strategy with a managed Control Plane, dedicated or mutualized, to deploy containers across any available compute resources at Scaleway or any other providers.

NameMemoryReplicasMax NodesSLA 99.5%CommitmentPriceApprox. per month
Kosmos "Mutualized"Up to 4GB1150N/AN/A€0.1444/hour€105/month
Kosmos Dedicated-44 GB dedicated2250YesYes€0.2544/hour€186/month
Kosmos Dedicated-88 GB dedicated2500YesYes€0.3244/hour€237/month
Kosmos Dedicated-1616 GB dedicated2500YesYes€0.4944/hour€361/month

Container Registry

A fully managed container registry, facilitating storage, management and deployment of container images. You only pay for the stored images and external or inter-regional bandwidth. Incoming bandwidth is FREE.

NameStored ImagesOutgoing data transferIncoming data transfert
Private images
€0.027/GB/monthInter-regional: €0.033/GB Intra-regional: freeFree
Public images
Free up to 75GBInter-regional: free Intra-regional: freeFree