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    In Q1 2024, Scaleway focuses on fortifying Cloud environments with integrated services for security and streamlined management. The launch highlights a commitment to continuous improvement in performance and reliability, offering diverse computing capabilities to cover all workloads. Scaleway also reinforces its Bare Metal solutions, emphasizing customization, and positions itself as a prominent European AI enabler, delivering tailored computing power and managed services for a range of AI workload requirements.

    👇 Discover how the different spring fragrances of Q1 new products will benefit to your business!

Performance & Reliability

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the resilience of applications and the reliability of infrastructures are paramount for businesses seeking to maintain a competitive edge. In Q1 we delivered cutting-edge products designed to fortify your digital ecosystem, ensuring optimal performance and continuity.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityLearn more
Block StorageBlock Low LatencyGAMarch 1st, 2024Block Storage
NetworkEdge Services (Object Storage Cache)Public BetaComing soon...Coming soon...
Kapsule + KosmosKubernetes Audit logsGAMarch 19th, 2024Doc
Object StorageSLA on Object StorageGAMarch 1st, 2024SLA
Managed DatabasesSLA on Managed Databases DB-POP2 onlyGAMarch 1st, 2024SLA
ServerlessSLA on Serverless Containers and Serverless FunctionsGAMarch 28th, 2024SLA
VPCRoutingPublic BetaMarch 21st, 2024Coming soon...

Compute Resources

Scaleway provides new ranges of Instances and Managed Services to cover all your business platforms, from development to production. We focus on delivering solution that is not only sustainable but also enhancing flexibility and operational efficiency.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityLearn more
InstancesCOP-ARM + Integration with KapsulePublic BetaMarch 20th, 2024Kapsule
ServerlessServerless JobsGAMarch 28th, 2024Serverless Jobs
Messaging & QueuingSQS & NATS Available in AMSGAFebruary 22nd, 2024M&Q
WebhostingWebhosting Dedicated IPGAFebruary 28th, 2024Doc
WebhostingWebhosting new regions AMS WAWGAMarch 19th, 2024Coming soon...

Bare Metal Offering

Discover the advantages of our diverse bare metal servers designed to meet your unique business needs. With bare metal servers, you have complete control over dedicated resources, ensuring high performance, reliability, and security for your applications.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityLearn more
Apple SiliconApple Silicon M2GAFebruary, 7th 2024Mac mini M2
DediboxPRO-8 & STORE-8 serversGAIn deploymentDedibox Pro/Store
Elastic MetalNew AZ: WAW2/WAW3GAComing soon...Elastic Metal
Elastic MetalRISC-VLabsFebruary 29th, 2024RISC-V

European AI enabler

Whether you're a startup aiming to kickstart your AI journey affordably or a powerhouse requiring cutting-edge compute power, we've got you covered. The strategic expansion of our AI capabilities portfolio ensures that innovation is within reach for all. Our AI instances act as the essential foundation, making innovation possible.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityLearn more
AIL4 GPU InstancesGAMarch 15th, 2024Product page

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