Kubernetes Kapsule

An easy-to-use managed Kubernetes, fully integrated into our cloud ecosystem.

Quick scaling

Start creating your cluster of nodes, create your platform and scale up to 500 nodes in one click. Seconds later, your containers will be ready to deploy.

A complete cloud ecosystem

Enjoy a wide portfolio of integration for your Containers with VPC, Public Gateways, Block Volumes, Load Balancers, Registry, Secret manager, and even GPUs.

Simplify deployment

Develop and deploy a wide variety of containerized applications with managed Kubernetes, offering portability, availability, and stability to match all your teams’ needs.

K8s use cases

Build resilient applications

Replication and scaling are the major needs of hyper-growing IT solutions. Kubernetes Kapsule offers a stable, reliable K8s environment in which redundancy and auto-scaling are easy to implement.
For even more resilience and performance, check out our Dedicated Control Plane

Key features

Managed by Scaleway

All the components are managed by Scaleway, from the cloud controller manager to the auto-scaler. More details on our documentation. Discover also our Dedicated Control Plane for heavy workloads and business critical applications.


Each cluster scales horizontally and vertically based on your configuration to automatically match any growth of resource needs.


Health checks are performed automatically, so if a node remains unresponsive for more than 15 minutes, Kubernetes Kapsule takes action by restarting or replacing it for uninterrupted performance. More information on the autoheal process.

Secure Kubernetes Kapsule with VPC

Keep your pods and nodes communicating securely inside your cluster, and boost your network performance to the next level.

Application Library

Integrate Helm charts in a few clicks, directly from the Scaleway console, and run pre-configured container images.

CNCF certified

Certified 100% standard Kubernetes. Kubernetes Kapsule respects the CNCF standards to bring you security, stability, and robustness.

API / CLI / Terraform

Easily manage your Kubernetes with our developer API, or CLI, and even Terraform. All Kubernetes clusters are fully compatible with Scaleway’s existing tools & workflows.

Kubernetes at the latest Version

On Kubernetes Kapsule, stay focused on the latest version of Kubernetes. Read our version policy.

Ingress controller choice

Deploy the Ingress Controller of your choice, such as Nginx or Traefik, with your own configuration.