Accelerate your E-commerce growth

Building a Secure, Fast, and Reliable e-commerce business. Deliver exceptional purchase experience and scale your e-commerce efficiently with Europe's leading cloud ecosystem.

Critical Issues for Your E-commerce business

Ensure a high-quality experience as you scale.

Handling traffic fluctuations in e-commerce can be challenging. Scaleway's wide range of instances, Load balancer, and Kubernetes solutions ensures your website maintains maximum availability and responsiveness, no matter the circumstances or the volume of traffic.

Strengthening E-commerce Security

Implement strong access controls while keeping in line with more general data security initiatives, such as IAM and Secret Manager. For a dependable online shopping experience, prioritize high availability in tandem with redundancy, backup systems for dedicated servers, and fast recovery techniques.

Quickly react to unpredictable changes.

Managing e-commerce requires quick adaptation to unpredictable events. With our extensive portfolio of Managed services, Databases, and Serverless products, you can focus on growing your business while we ensure your infrastructure keeps up.

Discover our cloud solutions, tailored for e-commerce and retailers.

Bare Metal

Scaleway's dedicated servers provide the power, reliability, and isolation crucial for the demanding needs of e-commerce platforms. With Scaleway handling server maintenance, e-commerce businesses can focus on innovation and enhancing customer experiences, rather than on server management.

Transparent and predictable infrastructure costs

Scaleway typical invoice for 1 month or 730 hours

Load Balancer (LB-GP-L)169 euros
Load Balancer (LB-S)112 euros
Elastic Metal (EM-B312X-SSD) with PN3441 euros
Instances (ENT-XS)399 euros
Elastic IP26 euros
Object Storage 2000 GB129 euros
Total per month656 euros
Migrate to Scaleway and get voucher 100€ to test