Powerful, Resilient Network

Over 5000 Gbit/s of internet bandwidth.

Unlimited Transfer

All our SSD Cloud Servers come with unlimited transfer! You love pushing content? Don't count!

Deploy Globally

Spawn your infrastructure in the datacenter of your choice via a simple and unique interface. Enjoy an awesome latency to reach the world.

Flexible & Automated

Enjoy flexible and automated network features to control traffic to and from your cloud infrastructure.

Network Will Never Be a Bottleneck

Backed by Scaleway’s revolutionary network.

Our network infrastructure is designed to never be a bottleneck. We provide a high capacity network with unlimited transfer and up to 5 Gbit/s bandwidth per server. We provide the tools to build high quality infrastructures with flexible IPs, IPv6 and security groups.

Next Generation Network

Production-proven network for mission-critical infrastructure.
Multiple datacenters

Line-Rate Internal Bandwidth

Your servers internal bandwidth is not limited, you can get up to the limits of your server network interface. Get up to 5 Gbit/s per server for your distributed applications.

Designed for the cloud


All our offers comes with a basic DDoS protection to prevent your servers to go down.

Zero downtime infrastructure

Zero-Downtime Infrastructure

Run your infrastructure in autonomous facilities, spread accross multiple geographic regions to maximize your service reliability. Experience a very high reliability level thanks to a zero single point of failure design.

Hourly billing

Security Groups

Drop all illegitimate traffic to protect your server. Security groups act like a stateless firewall to prevent unwanted access and keep your server secure.

Developer tools

Native IPv6

Our SSD Cloud Servers are all connected to a native IPv6 backbone. Enabling IPv6 on your server is a one-click process!

Infinite cloud combinations

Over 5000 Gbit/s of Internet Bandwidth

Scaleway's network is backed by Scaleway's amazing network. With multiple high-end transit providers and the best peerings, you have the power to deliver content anywhere on the globe.

Discover the Cloud That Makes Sense

Deploy and Scale Your Infrastructure in Our Datacenters

Independent datacenters, global high-capacity network, one single interface.


Tier-1 bandwidth
Resilient network
Over 5 Tb/s of network capacity
Unlimited transfer


Direct AMS-IX Access
Resilient network
Ultra low latency routes
Unlimited transfer