Magic Link Authentication

Magic Link Authentication

Instead of using your password, you can use a Magic Link to authenticate yourself against the management console. It provides a quick and secure access to your account without the hassle of remembering your password.

The magic link is a unique link sent directly to your email inbox which allows to authenticate you once. It becomes invalid automatically once you are logged into your account.

Authenticaticate Yourself via Magic Link

1 . Open your web browser and navigate to the management console at

2 . Enter your e-mail address in the form and click on Send a Magic Link:

Request Magic Link

3 . A magic link will be sent to your email inbox, and the following page displays:

Magic Link sent

4 . Check your email inbox for a mail with the following subject: Scaleway - Passwordless Authentication and open it.

5 . Click on Authenticate Myself to connect to your management console:

Magic Link Mail

6 . You will be redirected to your management console:

Scaleway Console

7 . A confirmation is sent to your inbox, confirming that you have authenticated by using the Magic Link:

Scaleway Console

Important: The Magic Link becomes invalid once you have authenticated. You have to request a new one by repeating the steps above after a logout from the management console.

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