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How to upgrade your account

Reviewed on 22 December 2021Published on 11 June 2021

When you first create your account, you are asked to select between three account levels:

  • Discover: allows you to browse through the Scaleway console and discover the catalog without ordering.
  • Test: allows you to order a few resources and test them before starting development or production.
  • Build: allows you to order any type of resources and scale your project as it grows.

To unlock the different levels, you will need to progressively add information to your account.


You have a Scaleway Elements account.

How to upgrade from Discover to Test

To upgrade your account level from Discover to Test, you need to add billing information to your account.

  1. Log into the Scaleway Console.

  2. Click Add Billing Information in the banner on your Organization Dashboard.

  3. Add your credit card information by following these instructions.


After adding a credit card but before verifying the credit card via a magic code, you have the option to fast track your account upgrade directly from Discover to Build. This option is displayed on your organization dashboard on a Fast Track banner. If you wish to fast-track your upgrade, click the banner and follow the instructions for verifying your identity and verifying your credit card.

How to upgrade from Test to Build

To upgrade your account level from Test to Build , you need to verify your identity.

  1. Log into the Scaleway Console.

  2. Click Verify my identity in the banner on the Organization dashboard.

  3. See how to verify your identity for instructions on the rest of the process.


Once you have achieved Build level, you are able to add a SEPA mandate as a payment if you wish. See how to manage your billing information for instructions on this process.

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