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My Project - Concepts

Access Key

An Access Key is one part of an API key. The Access Key is like a unique ID or username. It is not a sensitive piece of information, unlike the Secret Key.


Administrator is one of the roles available to members of an Organization. An Administrator has the right to manage and access projects and billing information. They have all the same permissions as an Owner, excluding the right to edit members’ roles, delete members, manage the support plan or delete the organization.


An API key is a unique identifier associated with each Scaleway project. It is used to authenticate requests made to the Scaleway API. An API Key consists of an Access Key and a Secret Key.

Billing Administrator

Billing Administrator is one of the roles available to members of an Organization. A Billing Administrator has the right only to view and manage the Organization’s billing information. They are not able to view or create resources, add members or manage support plans.


Credentials are unique to each project, and consist of unique and secure identifiers to authenticate your connections and commands to your Scaleway products. Credentials include SSH Keys an API Keys.

Default project

Each Organization must have at least one associated project, and at the time of account creation this project is called default. The default project takes on the Organization ID. Therefore, the default status cannot be transferred to other projects, nor can the default project’s name be altered.


Editor is one of the roles available to members of an Organization. An Editor has the right to create and manage most Organization resources, as well as creating API Keys. They do not have access to billing information nor the right to manage member permissions or alter support plans. Editor members can be granted read access to tickets they did not create, but they do not have writing rights.


Members are people who are part of an Organization. Members can have different roles which define their permissions and access rights. Organization members and roles can be easily managed from the console.


Organizations is Scaleway’s Multi-User feature. Every Scaleway account has an associated Organization. An Organization is a resource system, with hierarchically organized accesses and permissions. An Organization can have one or more associated project: the Organization is the root account of each of its projects. Organizations can have one or more members with different roles. Organizations allow you to centrally manage and share resources across multiple accounts depending on the permissions granted by the Owner.

Organization Dashboard

The Organization Dashboard is the display you see when you log in to console.scaleway.com. On this dashboard you can see the name of your Organization, and depending on your role, an overview of your resources and a breakdown of your resource consumption and billing. As you add and use resources, the Organization Dashboard stays up to date.

Organization Quotas

Every Organization has quotas, which are limits on the number of Scaleway resources they can use. Quotas are per product (eg Instances) and product type (eg GP1-L instance). Quotas are designed to prevent abuse, and can be viewed on the Organization Account page of the console.


Owner is one of the roles available to members of an Organization. The Owner has full access to their Organization, and can manage and access projects, role attributions, billing and all other configurations of the account. This role is the only one with the right to delete an Organization.


Project is Scaleway’s resource management feature. Designed to help you organize your infrastructure and cloud services, the feature allows resources to be isolated and grouped into specific projects. Each project has its own credentials. Each Organization has at least one project, called the default project. You can create additional projects as well.

Project Dashboard

The project Dashboard can be viewed within the console. On this dashboard you can see an overview of the project’s resources, along with the project’s settings and credentials


Resources are Scaleway products that have been provisioned by a project. When you create a new Instance, for example, it becomes a resource associated with a project of your Organization.


A role is a set of permissions and access rights available to members of an Organization. Four roles are available: Owner, Administrator, Editor and Billing Administrator. Organization members and roles can be easily managed from the console.

Secret Key

A Secret Key is one part of an API key. The Secret Key is like a password: it is a sensitive piece of information used to authenticate the Access Key.


An SSH Key (Secure Shell Key) allows passwordless connection to an Instance. An SSH Key is generated by creating an RSA key pair, consisting of two elements:

  • a sensitive identification key, (aka private key) which must be stored securely
  • a public key which is uploaded to the Scaleway interface.

The public key is kept in your Scaleway account and transferred to the Instance during the boot process, while the identification key is kept securely on your local computer. When connecting to the Instance via SSH, a trusted connection to the machine is established using the key pair.