How to Create a Scaleway Account

Scaleway Overview

Scaleway is an Iliad Group brand supplying a range of pioneering cloud infrastructure covering a full range of services for professionals: public cloud services with Scaleway Elements, private infrastructure with Scaleway Datacenter and Bare Metal services with Scaleway Dedibox. Create your Scaleway Elements account to deploy these services with ease.

How to Create a new Scaleway Account

1 . Open the Scaleway Elements website in a web browser.

2 . Enter your e-mail address in the form, then click on Get started now. Alternatively, click on Sign Up in the upper right corner of the page.

3 . You are redirected to the Sign Up page. Select an Account type (Personal or Corporate) and fill out your First and Last name, as well as your e-mail address.

If you would like to receive marketing communications from Scaleway, tick the box and solve the reCaptcha. Once done, click on Get Started! to create your account.

A message displays to request that you check your e-mail inbox for the verification e-mail.

4 . Click the verification link in your mailbox to confirm your email address and agree to our terms of service.

You are redirected to the Scaleway Console.

A welcome message displays.

You are asked to select between three account levels:

  • Discover: allows you to browse through the Scaleway console and discover the catalog without ordering.
  • Test: allows you to order a few resources and test them before starting development or production.
  • Build: allows you to order any type of resources and scale your project as it grows.

Note: To unlock the different levels, you will need to progressively add information to your account. Register your e-mail address to have access to the Discover account level. Add your Billing information to access the Test level. To have access to the Build level, verify your identity.

5 . Select an account level and click on Get started!

How to Upgrade your Account level

Depending on the level you have chosen to begin with, the next steps will be different.

If you have chosen the Discover level, you are redirected to the Scaleway console.

You can browse around and discover our catalog.

1 . When you are ready, click on Add my billing information to do so and proceed to the Test level.

Note: If you opted to begin your registration from the Test level, your first step will be adding your billing information.

2 . Enter the details of your credit or debit card and your billing address and click Add Billing Information.

A 3D Secure validation is initiated. Depending on your bank you may be asked to enter a code received by SMS or via an application on your smartphone.

3 . Enter the code and validate the form.

A reminder displays.


When you register a new credit card, an authorization charge is debited from your account. An Authorization Charge is a dummy transaction that serves to check the validity of the card.

The authorization charge of is of 1€ and will carry a 4-digit Magic Code, displayed on your bank account statement.

4 . Click on Back to dashboard to return or on Upgrade now to upgrade directly to the Build level.

Upon returning to the Organization dashboard, you see two banners indicating the next steps you can take.

You can either Verify your Credit Card by entering the code found on your bank account statement or Fast track to the Build level by verifying your credit card and your identity.

If you choose the first option, click on Verify my credit card.

A pop up opens requesting you to enter the Magic Code.

5 . Enter the Magic Code displayed in your bank account statement into the console.

Important: You have up to 10 days to enter your Magic Code into the Console.

If your card is successfully verified, you will see a confirmation message.

You can upgrade from the Test to the Build level at any time.

How to verify your identity

1 . Click on Verify my identity in the banner on the Organization dashboard.

A pop-up appears.

2 . Click on Start to proceed.

3 . Select the country/region of issue and the type of your identity document.

Note: Use a valid government-issued photo ID. A residence permit is also considered a valid identity card.

Unsupported Documents These are some examples of documents not accepted by the jumio ID verification tool:

  • Birth certificate
  • Company ID
  • Credit card
  • International driving permit
  • Student ID (except for Poland)
  • Visa (except for student/work visa issued by the U.S. and China)

4 . Select between taking a photo of your ID with your PC or mobile.

Follow the next three steps to submit proof of your identity:

5 . Click on Start to center your ID and take a photo.

Note: will request access to your camera. If you wish to proceed, allow your browser to use the camera.

6 . Check the photo, as instructed, and click on Confirm if you can:

  • Read the details
  • See the whole ID

The face verification steps begin.

7 . Click on Start to proceed.

8 . Frame your face in the small oval, then the big oval.

Once the verification is complete, a message appears to inform your ID document is being reviewed.

Once the review is finalized you will be notified in the console.

Important: If you opted to begin your registration from the Build level, your first step will be verifying your identity. This will give you temporary access to the Build level. To gain permanent access, you must also add and confirm your billing information.

Next Steps

Once your account is created, you will need to create and upload your SSH key to begin deploying your projects.

Learn how to deploy your first instance or upload data to an Object Storage bucket, for example. You can check out how to use all our resources on the Scaleway Documentation page.

If you have further questions, contact our assistance.

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