How to create a Scaleway account

Scaleway Overview

Scaleway is an Iliad Group brand supplying a range of pioneering cloud infrastructure covering a full range of services for professionals: public cloud services with Scaleway, private infrastructure with Scaleway Datacenter and bare-metal cloud services with Online by Scaleway. Create your Scaleway account to deploy these services with ease.

Creating a new Scaleway Account

1 . Open the Scaleway website in a web browser.

2 . Enter your e-mail address in the form, then click on Discover for free:

Scaleway website

3 . A new browser tab opens. If you like to receive marketing communications from Scaleway tick the box and solve the reCaptcha. Once done, click on Get Started to create your account:

Scaleway website

4 . Enter the details of your credit or debit card to validate your Scaleway account. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, click on SEPA, to setup a direct debit agreement:

Scaleway website

5 . When registering a new card, a 3D Secure validation is initated. Depending on your bank you may be asked to enter a code received by SMS or via an application on your smartphone. Enter the code and validate the form:

Scaleway website

Important: We initiate what is called an authorization charge of €2, when you register a new credit card. This is a dummy transaction to check the validity of the card. While it has an amount, this transaction never ends up by a charge. Some banks will show you a debit of €2 followed by a credit of the same amount at a later time. Some other banks will never show the transaction at all.

6 . You have created your account now:

Scaleway website

Validating Your Phone Number (Optional)

To use Scaleway Services, we might ask you to validate your phone number.

1 . Click on the banner Confirm your phone number to use Scaleway Services

The Edit Your Profile Account opens

  1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number

  2. Click Confirm Changes

You will receive a text message containing a code necessary to verify your number.

  1. Enter the code you received on your phone

  2. Click Confirm changes

You may now create and upload your SSH key, deploy your first instance, upload data to an Object Storage bucket and discover all other Scaleway services from your account. If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to contact our Solution Advisors.

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