Getting Started with the Scaleway Console

Console - Overview

The Scaleway Console allows you to view and manage your Scaleway Elements products, billing information, support tickets and more.

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate the console for the first time, and how to start using:


The Organization Dashboard

When you log into you will see your Organization dashboard:

On this dashboard you can see:

  • The name of your Organization (1)
  • An overview of your resources, once you add resources to your Organization (2)
  • A breakdown of your resource consumption and associated billing information (3)

As you add and use resources, this dashboard will stay up to date.

An Organization starts with just one user (its Owner) and one default Project. As the Owner, you can manage the quotas, support plan and billing for your organization, and add and manage new users, by clicking on the options in the top right menu (4).

You can visit our official documentation to learn more about Organizations and Roles.

Note: If you belong to multiple Organizations, you can switch between them by using the menu at the top right (4).

You can come back to the Organization dashboard from anywhere else in the console, by clicking the Scaleway logo at the top left of the screen, or by using the drop-down menu next to it (5).

Your Profile

Click on “My Profile” from the drop-town menu at the top right of the console:

This takes you to your profile page.

From this part of the console, you can:

  • (a) View and edit your profile . Here, you can change your first name, last name, email address and the language of the console and Scaleway’s communications. Currently, the console is available in English and French.

  • (b) See the Organizations which you have joined
  • (c) See a list of devices which have been active on your account recently
  • (d) Enable Two Factor Authentication, for extra security on your account
  • (e) Modify your password


A Project is a grouping of different resources (eg Instances, Databases etc). Click the Projects tab (6) to view your Organization’s projects.

  • Your Organization will start with just one Project: Default (7)
  • You can create more projects for your Organization via the Create Projects button (8)

Click on the project name (6) to go to its Project Dashboard. You can also access the Project Dashboard from the sidebar on the left (9).

This is the Project Dashboard. Here you can:

  • See the name of the Project (10)
  • Use the tabs to view:
    • An Overview of the resources in that Project (11)
    • The Settings of the Project (12): the Project ID, Description etc.
    • The Project’s Credentials (13): its SSH Key & API Key information.

You can visit our official documentation to learn more about Projects.


At first, your Organization and Project will have no resources. So, let’s see how to add some by looking at the different products available.

On the left of the console is the sidebar:

Use the sidebar to navigate the different Scaleway Elements products. You can see that products are grouped into different categories:

Use the links in the sidebar to navigate to the page for each product. For example, click on “Instances”:

Here, you can view and manage your existing Instances and create new Instances. When you create a new Instance, it becomes a resource associated with a Project of your Organization. Learn more about creating Instances.

Click on the other product links in the sidebar to view, create and manage other types of product. This is how you add to and manage your resources.


To find the Credentials page, go to the Project dashboard (14) and click the Credentials tab (15). Alternatively, click on Credentials from the drop-down menu on the top right (16).

On the Credentials page, you can manage the SSH keys and API keys for your Project. If you have multiple Projects, each will have its own set of Credentials. Credentials allow you to log in to your instance via SSH and authenticate command via the API.

Billing Page

To find the Billing page, click on Billing from the drop-down menu on the top right (17). Alternatively, click on View Billing Page from the Organization Dashboard (18).

On the Billing page you can view your Organization’s billing information, add billing contacts, enable alerts, manage your payment methods and view your invoices:


To find the Support page, click on Support at the bottom of the sidebar (19). Alternatively, click on the lifebelt icon at the top of the screen (20).

Here, you can create a new support ticket if you need help.


To find the Documentation page, click on Documentation at the bottom of the sidebar (21). This takes you to the Scaleway Documentation & Tutorials Page.

Here, you can find more help and guidance on using the console and the different Scaleway products.

Abuse Reports

To find the Abuse Report page, click on Abuse at the bottom of the sidebar (22).

Here, you can report abuse of Scaleway resources. Abuse could mean cyber-crime, copyright violation, illegal or offensive content, spamming or malware distribution.

Read more about Abuse Reports

Log Out

To log out of the console, click Log Out at the bottom of the drop down menu on the right (23). This will end your Scaleway Console session.

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