Scaleway Console Billing Alerts

Billing Alerts Overview

The Scaleway console Billing Alerts feature allows you to manage and keep track of your expenses by setting up alerts to trigger when a budget threshold is reached. An alert can be sent to you by SMS, e-mail or API webhook.

The budget is the limit of your expenses, in Euros. The threshold is a percentage of this limit. Both are previously defined by you in the console.

For example:

  • If you have defined a budget of 1000€, you may configure an e-mail notification to be sent once you have consumed 50% of this limit. In this case, once your consumption gets to 500€ you will receive an e-mail informing you the limit threshold has been reached.

Setting Up a Billing Alert

1 . Access the Billing overview page by clicking on Billing in the upper right drop-down menu of your Scaleway console.

2 . Under Enable Billing Alerts, click the slider to activate a monthly budget and insert the chosen amount in the box.

A Warning pops-up to inform that:

Billing Alerts only provide a rough estimate of what can be charged to your monthly invoice. Additional costs related to your usage before the alert is triggered can still appear on your invoice after the alert is generated. Please keep in mind that only your monthly invoice is considered legally valid.

3 . If you wish to proceed, click on I understand Billing Alerts are based on estimates and wish to proceed.

4 . Click on the pen icon in the right corner to edit and insert the limit threshold (%) in the box.

5 . Chose one or more ways you wish to be notified. Insert the contact information in the corresponding boxes. If you have chosen to be informed by SMS or e-mail, you may add several phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

6 . Click on the green check icon on the right to confirm. The Billing Alerts warning displays. Click on I understand Billing Alerts are based on estimates and wish to proceed once more.

The details of your alert display:

7 . You may set up to 10 billing alerts. If you wish to add others, click on + Add billing alert and repeat the process.

Webhook API Call

When you configure a Webhook, an HTTP request is made to the configured URL. It will transmit the following information as an HTTP POST request to the given URL:

Header: "Content-Type": "application/json"
POST /my/configured/webhook
    "invoice_start_date": <INVOICE_START_DATE>,
    "threshold": <THRESHOLD_VALUE_IN_PERCENT> 

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