Managing Resources with the Scaleway Project Feature

Project Overview

Project is Scaleway’s resource management feature. Designed to help you organize your infrastructure and cloud services, the feature allows resources to be isolated and grouped into specific projects.

The Project feature provides web console-based management and the ability to create API and SSH keys according to the specific scope of work. For example, you can create a project solely dedicated to a customer, a theme or a business application, and the API Key provide exclusive access to this project. SSH keys are used to authenticate on resources assigned to the project.

See an example of resources organized into projects in the scheme below.

Profile, Billing, Support, Privacy and Members management remains at the Organization’s level. The credentials are managed at Project level.

All users invited to an Organization, except Billing Administrators, have access to all projects.

Creating a Project

If you have a Scaleway account, and subsequently an Organization, you will also dispose of a default project that contains all your existing resources.

Note: The default project takes on the Organization ID. Therefore, the default status cannot be transferred to other projects, nor can the default project’s name be altered.

1 . To create a new project, log into the Scaleway console. The Organization Dashboard displays.

2 . Click on the Projects tab and a list of your projects displays.

3 . Click on the green + Create Project button on the righthand side and a pop-up appears.

Insert the Project Name and Description in the corresponding boxes and click on Create new Project and the new project is added to the list.

Adding Resources to a Project

To add a new resource to your project, first ensure you are currently editing the correct project.

You can verify if you are logged into the correct project by clicking on Project Dashboard on the left menu and checking the project’s name on the top of the page. You can also check if your project’s name is the one appearing in the Selected Project dropdown menu.

Select the resource you want to create from the left menu, click on it and follow deployment instructions. Once the resource is created, it is automatically included in your Project.

Note: It is currently not possible to transfer resources from one Project to another. For Object Storage, you can import copies of your objects to buckets in different projects. Find out more in this tutorial.

Switching the Project Dashboard

To switch from a project to another in the Scaleway console, click on the dropdown box on the top of the page.

Click on the project you want to work on and the project Dashboard displays.

Changing the Project Name

You can alter your project’s name by accessing the Settings tab of the project Dashboard.

And clicking on Change Project Name.

A pop up with a box to edit the name appears.

Insert your new project name of choice and click Change Project Name.

Note: The default project name cannot be altered.

Generating SSH Keys

Secure Shell (better known as SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol which allows users to securely perform a number of network services over an unsecured network.

SSH keys provide a more secure way of logging into an instance with SSH than using a password alone. To connect to a resource, you must set an existing public key to your project.

After configuring a new SSH Key, save the content of the public key by clicking on Add a new SSH key on the Credentials tab of the project Dashboard.

A pop up appears. Paste the key in the indicated box and add a description if necessary and click Add a SSH key.

Generating API Key

API Key are unique identifiers that consist of an Access Key and a Secret Key. The Secret key is required to authenticate against our API and will only be displayed when you create the token.

The API Key are valid at project level, which means that they can only be used to manage the resources contained in a particular project.

1 . To create an API key for your project, click on the Credentials tab of the project dashboard.

2 . Scroll down to the API Key section.

Note: If you are using Scaleway Developer Tools make sure you retrieve the project ID, which can be found in the Project Credentials page.

Click on Generate new API Key and a pop-up appears giving you the option of adding the API Key purpose (for internal organization). Click on Generate API Key to proceed.

The Access and Secret Key will show on your screen. Take a note of the Secret Key as it will not be recoverable.

Click OK to conclude.

Deleting a Project

A project can deleted only once it has been emptied of resources. Therefore, in order to delete your project, you must first remove all of its resources.

After the project has been cleared of resources, access the Settings tab of the project Dashboard and scroll down to find the Delete Project section.

Click on Delete Project and a pop-up appears requesting you to confirm if you are sure to delete the selected project.

Click on Delete this project to confirm and you are redirected to the default project Dashboard.

You are now ready to start a new project! Take your first steps on the Scaleway console.

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