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How to create an FTP account

Reviewed on 26 May 2021Published on 26 May 2021

The File Transfer Protocol was developed to transfer files on the internet.

How can I upload my website using FTP

  • You have an FTP client (program to upload your files)
  • You have a hostname (address of the server)
  • You have a login
  • You have a password

How can I connect to my account

  • You have a host
  • You have a username
  • You have a password

How can I create an account

  1. Click Hosting then click Manage.

  2. Click the FTP accounts tab.

  3. A form displays. Fill it out to create your FTP account.

  4. Enter the following values:

    • Your username
    • Your password
    • The path which has to be an already existing directory on your FTP
  5. Validate your entries.

    • Your FTP account appears in the account list with the status Waiting to create. Your account will be activated in about one hour.
  6. When you connect to your FTP account, the following folders display:

  • awffull (contains your old access statistics, if they were activated)
  • www (should contain your website)
  • logs (contains your old access statistics, if they were activated)
  • UPLOADER_VOTRE_SITE_DANS_LE_REPERTOIRE_WWW (this directory has no special reason, it’s just a reminder)
  • Keep in mind that your website is located in the folder /www on the FTP server.
  • Upload all your website’s content into this folder.

How to limit the access to an account

To limit access to an account, you will have to create the folder you want to access (example: client) in the folder www (the one containing your website).

  1. Log into the Dedibox Console
  2. Click Hosting, then click Manage.
  3. Click the FTP accounts tab.
  4. Enter /www/client/ in the text fieLd Directory of your new account.
  • It is important that the syntax /www/directory/ is respected for your account to work.
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