Frequently asked questions

What is Scaleway?

Scaleway is an Iliad Group brand supplying a range of pioneering cloud infrastructure covering a full range of services for professionals: public cloud services with Scaleway, private infrastructure with Scaleway Datacenter and bare-metal cloud services with Online by Scaleway.

Scaleway’s offer is based on some 20 years of expertise in developing and marketing dedicated servers (Online) and managing high-end innovative data centers (Iliad Datacenter). Scaleway is growing its reputation around the world and currently serves business clients in over 150 countries.

The company has four datacenters located in France and one in the Netherlands and its clients include Leboncoin, Vente-Privée (Veepee), Safran and Le Monde.

What makes Scaleway cloud different?

At Scaleway, we provide a full range of services for professionals and developers, including compute instances, bare-metal servers, storage solutions, and more with all the benefits of the cloud.

Our platform provides:

  • On-demand General Purpose Instances. Read more

  • On-demand BareMetal SSD Cloud Instances. Read more

  • On-demand Development Instances. Read more

  • On-demand ARM Instances. Read more

  • On-demand GPU Instances. Read more

  • On-demand ARM Instances.

  • Images to create a series of instances with predefined configuration. For instance, you can prepare to scale with a front-end image of an Apache server. Read more

  • Additional SSD storage with up to 1TB of SSD storage per instance. Read more

  • Snapshot to backup your instances and their data. Read more

  • flexible IP addresses movable between your instances for live migration. Read more

  • Over 5000Gbit/s of network connectivity with with up to 2Gbit/s of Internet bandwidth per instance. Read more

  • A 24x7 support team available to help you in English and French with service levels including a 99.99% SLA and a 30 minutes response time guarantee. Read more

  • S3 compatible object storage to upload all your files. Read more

  • Simple, robust REST APIs’ to control all your cloud resources. Read more

You can launch as many instances as you need in seconds, configure networking, and manage storage.

Want more details? Read our instances FAQ or object storage FAQ.

How am I billed for Scaleway services?

All our cloud resources are billed by the hour with a monthly capping.

See our detailed billing FAQ for a complete overview of the pricing scheme and payment methods.