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Do the prices shown on the website include EU VAT?

Prices announced on our website exclude all taxes.

Because we’re a European company, we are required to charge VAT on all purchases made by European individual customers (B2C).

The appropriate VAT rate is automatically applied to your invoice, depending on your fiscal residence. Just make sure your administrative details on your profile, postal address, recipient name, phone number, …) are in order.

No other additional taxes, but European VAT is collected. If you are not located in one of the 28 member states of the European Union, no other tax will be added to your invoice, per application of EU laws.

European B2B customers are exempted from VAT, as long as they provide a registered VAT number. Just add your VAT registry number on your profile, and your invoice will be updated accordingly.

If you do not provide a valid VAT number, you will be considered as an individual customer (B2C), and the local rate will be applied.


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