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Does Object Storage provide read-after-write consistency?

Yes. Scaleway Object Storage provides read-after-write consistency for PUT and DELETE requests of objects in buckets in all regions. This applies to writes of new objects as well as to requests overwriting existing objects and to DELETEs.

Read-after-write consistency guarantees that changes are immediately visible (reading data) right after making those changes (writing data), meaning that a newly-created object will be visible immediately, without any delay.
Scaleway Object Storage replicates data across multiple storage systems to achieve high availability. Any read (GET or LIST) request initiated after a successful PUT request will immediately return the date written by the PUT request.


  • You upload a new object into your bucket and request a listing of the objects in it: The new object will be visible in the list.
  • You delete an existing object in your bucket and try to immediately read it. Object Storage will not return any data as the object has been deleted.

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