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How do I take advantage of the reduced monthly price?

We advertise two sets of prices for each resource class:
  1. an hourly rate
  2. a monthly fixed price.
Here is how the two prices articulate with each other:
  • Phase 1: The resource is billed by the hour. Each additional hour of usage increase the total price of the resource.
  • Phase 2: Once a running resource reaches the cap of 500 hours of continuous usage, the monthly rate is applied. The resource’s price is frozen to the fixed price for the rest of the month and doesn’t increase your costs.
A session is a continuous run of a resource, and this is what we account for your invoice. This means stopping then starting the same resource will reset the cap counter of the resource and produce two sessions. And as a result, two resources will be billed on your invoice.
The monthly cap counter of each resource is reset at the start of a month.

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