General Help

Where is my data hosted?

The whole Scaleway platform is deployed in our own datacenters.

Where are your datacenters located?

Scaleway currently lives in:

How secure are your datacenters?

Our datacenters are protected by biometrical access control systems and by our own 24/7 on-site technical and security staff.

DC3 is also certified by the Uptime Institute at the Tier-III level. We are the only hosting provider in France owning and operating a tier III certified datacenter.

Do you have a presence outside France?

Yes! We have a second region in Amsterdam.

Let us know where you would like to see your instances on the community.

What are the different service levels?

Our service levels are segmented into four grades:

  1. Basic: suitable for personal use. Offered for free with all Scaleway accounts.
  2. Developer: for individuals contributing to the Scaleway platform.
  3. Business: for professional users.
  4. Enterprise: for companies with mission-critical requirements.
Opening hours24×7×36524×7×36524×7×36524×7×365
Early access 
Swag Pack  
ImageHub commit 
Direct email  
Dedicated account manager  
Response timeNot guaranteed.≤ 12 hours≤ 2 hours≤ 30 minutes
Monthly priceFree!€2.99€49, or 10% of invoice if untaxed total ≥ €490.€499, or 15% of invoice if untaxed total ≥ €3333.

How can I reach a higher quota level?

To reach any one of the levels referred above, all you need is to subscribe to the appropriate support plan.

IMPORTANT: Limits are not automatically raised or reduced on level changes. To activate them you need to contact us through the ticket system so we’ll be able to update your quotas. The system is designed this way so you can specify your own limits in case you choose the Business or Enterprise level. We also might delay changes of quotas in case of resource shortage.

Outside of this scheme, some of these limits might be exceptionally raised depending on your particular use cases. Contact us through the usual support channels so we can discuss your situation.

Why have I reached the maximum quota while I just have one instance running?

All created resources account in the quota computation, even if they are off or unattached.

So for example, if you have only 1 C2S instance running and 9 C2S that are turned off, you still have a total number of 10 C2S instances, effectively reaching the limit of C2S quota at the Basic level.

What is the Scaleway Developer program?

The Developer level should be seen as a program allowing any competent individual developer to actively participate in the building of our platform.

It offers more than the Basic level:

  • Higher limits to build on the platform,
  • Response time guarantee and
  • Early access

All that while staying at an affordable and predictable price point compared to the higher plans targeting professionals.

What is the early access perk?

This perk, available in all plans above the Basic level gets you an early access to our new hardware and features in prime time.

How can I receive my Scaleway Swag Pack?

To receive the Scaleway Swag Pack you must:

  • Subscribe to either the Developer, Business or Enterprise Assistance plan
  • Have a shipping address in Europe

If you meet the above criteria, open a support ticket to request your Swag Pack.

How am I billed for the Scaleway developer program?

The developer program costs only €2.99 per month.

Which language does the support team speak?

Support channels:TicketsDirect emailPhone

What is your policy about Open Source?

We have a lot of projects released on GitHub under an open source license.

Why is my account just been locked?

Your account might be locked for several reasons, including:

  • abuse complain,
  • abnormal network traffic (torrents, spam, SSH probes, hacking attempts, botnets, DDoS, …),
  • unpaid invoices.

Whatever the reason we’ll send you a mail notification inviting you to resolve the issue through support channels.

Note that unpaid invoices can be directly cleared via the web interface.

Why did I get an abuse notification?

As the account holder, you are responsible for all the traffic going through your instance. This case is covered in section 4.1 of our Terms of Service.

How are DMCA takedown notices handled?

DMCA takedown notice (or any European equivalent) are handled like any other abuse complaint.

What happens to resources tied to a locked account?

Once an account gets locked, all its resources are frozen: they’re still up and running but can’t be administered.

You are allowed to take them back under your control once you resolve the underlying issue.

IMPORTANT: You have 7 days to resolve the issue that triggered the account locking. After this delay, your account is automatically closed and its associated resources are garbage-collected after a few days.

Can I keep my account open with no resource running?

You can hold your account open without consuming any resource, in which case no invoice will be issued , and no charge will be triggered.

Can I transfer an instance to another organization or user?

Resource ownership is not transferable.

An instance, like any other resource, is owned by the organization which created it.

How can I close my account?

There is a button on your account page to deactivate your account:

Account closing

IMPORTANT: This action will not destroy the associated resources immediately.

What happens to resources tied to a closed account?

Resources running at the time an account is closed are not destroyed right away.

There is a delay of up to 10 days between the time an account is closed and the time the resources are effectively destroyed by an asynchronous garbage-collection process.

Why did I receive an invoice for a closed account?

Un-stopped resources of a closed account are garbage-collected only after a few days.

Until the garbage-collection happens and destroy all leftovers, running resources are still billed.

This delay might even cover two billing periods, leading to the production of a due invoice up to 40 days after the closing event.

How can I avoid being charged extra invoices after account closing?

Before closing an account make sure you absolutely have no resource running (be it instances, IPs, volumes, snapshots, buckets, …).

The easiest way to check that is to keep an eye on your account dashboard:

Running instances statistics in

If all you see there are zeros then no billable resources are still running.

I have lost my two-factor application and backup codes, how can I regain access to my account?

If you have lost both your 2FA App and backup codes, regaining access to your account will be hard. You will need to go through a manual identity verification process.

The only way to regain access to your account is to contact our support team with the following information:

  • email address
  • postal address
  • Two different documents proving your identity (passport or local ID card for individual accounts + certificate of incorporation for companies)
  • phone number to contact you
  • copy of your last Scaleway bill or the amount charged if you don’t have a copy
  • card statement showing the Scaleway bill debit

Once you’ve collected all these, please send them to

IMPORTANT: Our support team will never call you to ask this information if you’re not trying to regain access to your account. Be extra-careful if someone asks for this information, this might be a social engineering attempt.

Can I reopen a closed account?

A closed or locked account can be reopened upon request by the user within the 10 days after its closure and if all outstanding invoices are cleared.

What happens to data associated with a closed account?

As mentioned above, all resources are garbage-collected after a few days .

Metadata tied to resource’s life-cycles are archived to provide an audit trail for invoices.

Transactions metadata are kept for 5 years by our payment operator according local regulations.

How many API calls can I perform per day?

There is no limit, and API calls are free of charge.

Still, we have a rate limiting in place to protect our infrastructure of abuses and ensure the quality of service. However, if you have a legitimate use-case hitting these limits, please open a ticket with the support team so we can sort things out.

I have a question. Where can I ask it?

This FAQ is probably the best place to find an answer to your question quickly. We encourage you to dig deeper in its sub-sections: a detailed explanation is waiting for you there!

For any commercial request our sales advisors are available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 hours (Paris time). You can contact them by phone +33 1 84 13 00 50, by email at or by support ticket.

The next best place to get information is to tap into the knowledge of our community. Can’t find an answer? Just place a question there under appropriate and descriptive tags. Alternatively, use the generic question tag if the subject is too broad.

Some of our users and engineers also hang around #community and #community-fr Slack channels. But presence is sparse at best.