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How can I pay my invoice?

We automatically initiate one, and one only one, payment transaction from your preferred payment method at the start of each new month, right after your invoice has been issued.
In case the automatic payment failed, you will be notified by mail of payment failure and invited to initiate a new transaction from your account.
If after several manual attempts you can’t manage to trigger a successful transaction, you may add another credit card. But don’t forget to make this card the active one and re-initiate a payment transaction.
Please be advised that failed SEPA payments can only be regularized by credit or debit card payment.

Once an invoice is issued, you have 10 days to regularize it (see section 6.3 of our Terms of Service).

As a reminder, the due date of payment is displayed on each invoice once issued.

Important: If you are unable to settle your invoice after the due date, your account is going to be suspended and your resources will be unreachable. You will then have another ten days to regularize your invoice, before your resources are deleted. 


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