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How is my monthly Object Storage bill being calculated?

The billing of Object Storage is different from the one you know from Compute Instances since a Compute Instance is only billed based on power-on time. Indeed, as your Object Storage usage can fluctuate significantly over the month when you add, delete, or modify data stored in your buckets, we consider several parameters listed below to calculate your monthly invoice total:

  • We only charge you for storage if you store more than 75 Gigabyte of objects.
  • If a Gigabyte is stored continuously for more than 500 hours, its billing is frozen, meaning you will no longer be charged for this Gigabyte stored during the current month.
  • The hourly rate for Object Storage is: €0.01/500h= €0.00002 for each Gigabyte stored.
  • Your data storage is not always steady, as you add or remove objects during the month. Therefore, your Object Storage consumption is calculated every hour, based on the number of Gigabytes you store in all of your buckets during this hour. We take the highest number of Gigabytes stored during each hour to calculate the final monthly amount.

If we look at the graph above, we only count all the unstriped and uncoloured squares to calculate the monthly storage fee. All striped squares have reached 500 hours of continues usage and are billed at a fixed price.

Your total monthly Gigabytes/hour storage (including striped and unstriped) of all your buckets is visible in the Object Storage section of your invoice:


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