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I have lost my two-factor application and backup codes, how can I regain access to my account?

If you have lost both your 2FA App and backup codes, you will need to go through a manual identity verification process.

The only way to regain access to your account is to contact our support team with the following information:

  • email address
  • postal address
  • Two different documents proving your identity (passport or local ID card for individual accounts + certificate of incorporation for companies)
  • phone number to contact you
  • copy of your last Scaleway bill or the amount charged if you don’t have a copy
  • card statement showing the Scaleway bill debit

Once you’ve collected all these, please send them to document@scaleway.com.

Important: Our support team will never call you to ask this information if you’re not trying to regain access to your account. Be extra-careful if someone asks for this information, this might be a social engineering attempt.


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