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What are the differences between the different Bare Metal Server ranges?

We provide several ranges of Bare Metal Cloud Servers, each of them designed to meet the requirements of your different workloads: 
  • General Purpose
    Production-grade dedicated servers designed for a wide range of application, from high-traffic sites, Software-as-a-Service applications, or high-performance computing offer these machines stability and reliability for your business applications.
  • High CPU
    Bare Metal Cloud Servers equipped with the most powerful processors available on the market. These machines are the ideal workhorses for CPU demanding tasks.     
  • High Memory
    Bare Metal Cloud Servers designed for memory demanding tasks like large databases. These machines come with up to 768 GB of RAM for your applications. 
  • Ultimate Performance 
    The largest Bare Metal Cloud Servers available on the market. Equipped with the largest amounts of CPU power and memory they can handle the extremest workloads for mission-critical applications. 

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