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What are the differences between the new Scaleway Elements C14 Cold Storage product and C14 Classic?

Let’s first consider what they have in common: the two C14 services are hosted in DC4, a highly secure databunker located 25 meters underground in Paris.

Their differences are :

  • Price: Scaleway Elements C14 Cold Storage has more advantageous pricing and integrates a free tier. You benefit from 75GB of free storage with no time limit.
  • Protocols: C14 Cold Storage is 100% S3 compliant, whereas C14 Classic, available on Scaleway Dedibox, uses the FTP protocol.
  • Encryption: C14 Cold Storage does not (yet) allow encryption.
  • Recovery: with C14 Cold Storage, you can recover a data file with just a few clicks from the Scaleway console or via the API. C14 Classic requires the whole archive needs to be restored, even if you require only a single file from it.

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