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What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is a service based on the S3 protocol. It allows you to store any kind of objects (documents, images, videos, etc.)

We provide you with a comfortable and integrated UI in the console for convenience. But it’s not easy to browse infinite storage from the web, so we came up with some engineering trade-offs:
Bear in mind that some actions are limited in the console for Object Storage. It includes: 
  • batch deletion is limited to 1000 objects;
  • empty files are not reported as empty folders.
We provide an S3-compatible API for programmatic access or for usage with any compatible software.
Thus, we recommend using dedicated tools like s3cmd to manage large data sets.

You can create a token in the Credentials section of the management console. To connect to Object storage, use the Access-Key and Secret-Key displayed during token creation.

Important: The Secret-Key is only shown once. Please take a note of it and keep it safe. It can’t be recovered if you lose it.


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