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When does the billing start and stop?

Each uninterrupted period between a start and a stop billing event will be considered as a unique resource. It’s the number of these unique resources seen within a month that is displayed in the consumption table of your invoice.

Here is a detailed list of what is considered as start and stop billing events for each resource class:

Resource Billing starts Billing stops Notes
Compute instances  At the moment you click on the “Power ON” button. When the instance is powered off. The instance is not billed during its shutdown sequence. A hard reboot will keep the ongoing resource running. On the other hand, powering off a server is considered as a standard stop-start cycle and as such lead to the creation of a new resource.
Bare Metal Cloud Servers  At the moment the server is created. At the moment the server is deleted. When a Bare Metal Cloud Server is powered off, the physical machine remains allocated to the user’s account, meaning the resource continues to be billed.
Flexible IP address When you reserve an IP. When you cancel the reservation. This class of IP is billed as long as you keep the reservation open. You’ll be billed whether you are effectively using the IP or not.
Dynamic IP address When a dynamic IP is associated with a running compute instance. When a dynamic IP is detached from a running compute instance which has just been shutdown.
Volume storage Once a volume has been created. Once a volume has been deleted.
Snapshot storage Once a snapshot has been created. Once a snapshot has been deleted.

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