Simple Cloud Pricing

Predictible pricing, billed by the hour.


The Start cloud generation offers the best price-performance ratio. Affordably develop, deploy and grow your infrastructure at scale.

NameCoresMemorySSD DiskBandwidthPrice
1 x86-641 GB25 GB NVMe100 Mbits/s€1.99/mo
2 x86-642 GB50 GB NVMe200 Mbits/s€3.99/mo
4 x86-644 GB100 GB NVMe300 Mbits/s€7.99/mo
8 x86-648 GB200 GB NVMe400 Mbits/s€15.99/mo
Our prices are VAT exclusive.


High performance SSD Cloud Servers offering a good balance of CPU, memory, and storage for intensive workloads.

NameCoresMemorySSD DiskBandwidthPrice
X64-15GB6 x86-6415 GB200 GB 250 Mbits/s€24.99/mo
X64-30GB8 x86-6430 GB400 GB 500 Mbits/s€49.99/mo
X64-60GB10 x86-6460 GB700 GB 1 Gbit/s€89.99/mo
X64-120GB12 x86-64120 GB1 TB 1 Gbit/s€179.99/mo
Our prices are VAT exclusive.


Scaleway is the world’s first cloud computing platform offering ARMv7 and ARMv8 SSD Cloud Servers built for developers.

NameCoresMemorySSD DiskBandwidthPrice
ARM64-2GB4 ARMv82 GB50 GB 200 Mbits/s€2.99/mo
ARM64-4GB6 ARMv84 GB100 GB 200 Mbits/s€5.99/mo
ARM64-8GB8 ARMv88 GB200 GB 200 Mbits/s€11.99/mo
ARM64-16GB16 ARMv816 GB400 GB 500 Mbits/s€34.99/mo
ARM64-32GB32 ARMv832 GB600 GB 500 Mbits/s€69.99/mo
ARM64-64GB48 ARMv864 GB800 GB 1 Gbit/s€139.99/mo
ARM64-128GB64 ARMv8128 GB1 TB 1 Gbit/s€279.99/mo
Our prices are VAT exclusive.


Get predictable and constant performances without noisy neighbors. Stop sharing your resources, keep them for yourself.

NameDedicated CoresMemorySSD DiskBandwidthInternal BandwidthPrice
C14 ARMv72 GB50 GB 200 Mbits/s1 Gbit/s€2.99/mo
C2S4 x86-648 GB50 GB 300 Mbits/s2.5 Gbit/s€11.99/mo
C2M8 x86-6416 GB50 GB 500 Mbits/s5 Gbit/s€17.99/mo
C2L8 x86-6432 GB50 GB
250 GB Direct SSD
600 Mbits/s5 Gbit/s€23.99/mo
Our prices are VAT exclusive.

Object Storage Pricing

Take Off Pack

First 500 GB of storage
First 500 GB of outgoing transfer

Cruise Speed

Extra GB of storage
Extra GB of outgoing transfer
Infinite Cloud Combinations illustration

Fast, Flexible SSD Volumes

Increase your BareMetal server storage capacity with flexible SSD volumes. Available per 50 GB increments up to 150 GB, with a maximum of 15 volumes per server. Volumes are billed €1/month per additional 50 GB of SSD.


Per month


Pricing illustration

Pay as You Go

At Scaleway, billing is based on an hourly basis to provide flexibility and let scale up or scale out when you need it.

No Upfront Costs

Getting started with Scaleway is cost effective, there are no upfront costs or commitments required!

No Termination Fee

Once your resources terminated, you stop paying for it. No surprise, no hidden fees.

Discover a New Cloud Experience

Deploy SSD Cloud Servers in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed for Scaleway services?

All our cloud resources are billed per hour with a monthly capping. The service level is billed per month.

Which plan should I choose?

If you want to discover Scaleway, we recommend to start with the [[1.99|currency:"€":2]] Start Cloud Compute plan. Remember that trying out a server or distribution for a few minutes will only cost you one hour. You can scale up by upgrading to another plan or scale out by creating new servers anytime.

How do I take advantage of the monthly billing?

Each resource is billed per hour up to its monthly cap. The monthly cost of a resource is calculated by running the hourly rate for 500 hours. If a resource is used during more than 500 continuous hours in the month, the rest of the month is free, effectively reducing the price of the resource by up to 30%.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, CB and American Express.

Am I billed when I create hot snapshots?

Hot snapshots are billed depending on their size and how long you keep them: an hourly rate of €0.00004 per gigabyte-hour or a monthly fixed price of €0.02 per gigabyte-month.

Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

No. When you input your card number, we perform an authorization charge of €2 to ensure the card is valid. This is just a preauthorization: nothing is charged.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge your credit card during the first week of each month.

Am I billed when my server is powered off?

Your server will not be billed, however your volumes and reserved IPs will be billed €0.002/hr each. Remember that all resources are billed separately.