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How to backup your data with snapshots

How to backup your data with snapshots

This page shows you how to backup your servers and their data.


A snapshot is a full-volume copy stored in our secure data centers.
Snapshots are perfect if you want to recover a server from a previous state.

Potential uses:

  • Recover volume data
  • Create a copy from a volume

There are three steps to create a new server from a snapshot:

  • Create a new server
  • Choose your snapshot as image
  • Create your server

Create a snapshot

In the Control Panel, click “Servers” in the compute section.

Step 1 - Power off your server (Preferred)

Hot Snapshots are available on Virtual Cloud Servers and you can skip this Step to take a snapshot without stopping your server.

To ensure data integrity, it’s recommended to power down the Cloud Server before taking a snapshot.

Focus on the server with the volume you want to snapshot and click the “Off” button.

Create snapshot

Step 2 - Select the volume to save

Warning: Hot Snapshots can potentially lead to inconsistent data or data loss. Before taking a Hot Snapshot, you should always sync the data on your disk and stop IO-intensive processes. Whenever possible you should take a cold (server powered off) snapshot.

In the volumes list, click the “Snapshot” button on the volume to snapshot. A BareMetal server has to be powered off before you can make the snapshot.

Volume snapshot

Step 3 - Verify the snapshot creation

In the Compute section of the console click “Snapshots”, your new snapshot should be present on the list and in state “snapshotting”.

Volumes list snapshot

Snapshotting is not instantaneous and take some minutes to complete. During this period no other action can be launched on the server.

Once your volume has been snapshotted, the state will change to “available” and you can use the snapshot to convert it into a new volume or image:

Volumes list snapshot

Restore a volume from a snapshot

In the previous step, we created a snapshot. We will create a new server based on the snapshot we take previously.

In the Control Panel, click the “Create Server” button.

Step 1 - Name you server

You will land on the server-creation page where you must input basic information for your server.

Step 2 - Choose your snapshot as image

In the image section, click the “Snapshots” tab. Select the snapshot you take previously from the list below.

Step 3 - Create your server

Click the “Create Server” button. This action starts your server. In a few seconds, your server will be ready to use.

All data stored when you create your snapshot will be present on this new server.

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