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How to backup your data with snapshots

How to backup your data with snapshots

This page shows you how to backup your servers and their data.


  • You have an account and are logged into cloud.scaleway.com
  • You have configured your SSH Key
  • You have a running cloud server

A snapshot is a full-volume copy stored in our secure data centers.
Snapshots are perfect if you want to recover a server from a previous state.

Potential uses:

  • Recover volume data
  • Create a copy from a volume

There are three steps to create a snapshot:

  • Power off your server
  • Select the volume to snapshot
  • Verify the snapshot creation

There are three steps to create a new server from a snapshot:

  • Create a new server
  • Choose your snapshot as image
  • Create your server

Create a snapshot

In the Control Panel, click “Servers” in the compute section.

Step 1 - Power off your server

Focus on the server with the volume you want to snapshot and click the “Off” button.

Create snapshot

Step 2 - Select the volume to save

Once your server is powered off, in the volumes list, click the “Snapshot” button on the volume to snapshot.

Volume snapshot

Step 3 - Verify the snapshot creation

In the Compute section of the console click “Snapshots”, your new snapshot should be present on the list.

Volumes list snapshot

Restore a volume from a snapshot

In the previous step, we created a snapshot. We will create a new server based on the snapshot we take previously.

In the Control Panel, click the “Create Server” button.

Step 1 - Name you server

You will land on the server-creation page where you must input basic information for your server.

Step 2 - Choose your snapshot as image

In the image section, click the “Snapshots” tab. Select the snapshot you take previously from the list below.

Step 3 - Create your server

Click the “Create Server” button. This action starts your server. In a few seconds, your server will be ready to use.

All data stored when you create your snapshot will be present on this new server.

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