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S3 Object Storage API

S3 API Feature Availability

Note: When you use Object Storage directly with the API, you must generate an Authentication Signature v4 beforehand.

We currently support a subset of S3 operations. The dates indicated may be subject to change.

Common Operations

✔ = Feature available / ✘ = Feature not yet available

GET ServiceReturns a list of all buckets

Bucket Operations

✔ = Feature available / ✘ = Feature not yet available

DELETE BucketDeletes bucket
DELETE Bucket analyticsAvailability Q2 2019
DELETE Bucket corsAvailability Q1 2019
DELETE Bucket encryptionAvailability Q4 2019
DELETE Bucket inventoryAvailability Q4 2019
DELETE Bucket lifecycleAvailability Q1 2019
DELETE Bucket metricsAvailability Q3 2019
DELETE Bucket policyAvailability Q2 2020
DELETE Bucket replicationAvailability Q4 2019
DELETE Bucket taggingAvailability Q2 2019
DELETE Bucket websiteAvailability Q3 2019
GET BucketLists objects
GET Bucket accelerateAvailability Q1 2020
GET Bucket ACLReturns the bucket ACL
GET Bucket analyticsAvailability Q2 2019
GET Bucket corsAvailability Q1 2019
GET Bucket encryptionAvailability Q4 2019
GET Bucket inventoryAvailability Q4 2019
GET Bucket lifecycleAvailability Q1 2019
GET Bucket locationReturns the region where the bucket is
GET Bucket loggingAvailability Q3 2019
GET Bucket metricsAvailability Q3 2019
GET Bucket notificationAvailability Q4 2019
GET Bucket Object versionsReturns metadata about all of the versions of objects in a bucket
GET Bucket policyAvailability Q2 2020
GET Bucket replicationAvailability Q4 2019
GET Bucket requestPaymentUnscheduled
GET Bucket taggingAvailability Q2 2019
GET Bucket versioningReturns the versioning state of a bucket
GET Bucket websiteAvailability Q3 2019
HEAD BucketChecks if the bucket exists
List Bucket Analytics ConfigurationsAvailability Q2 2019
List Bucket Inventory ConfigurationsAvailability Q4 2019
List Bucket Metrics ConfigurationsAvailability Q3 2019
PUT BucketCreates bucket
PUT Bucket accelerateAvailability Q1 2020
PUT Bucket ACLConfigures the Access Control List of a bucket
PUT Bucket analyticsAvailability Q2 2019
PUT Bucket corsAvailability Q1 2019
PUT Bucket encryptionAvailability Q4 2019
PUT Bucket inventoryAvailability Q4 2019
PUT Bucket lifecycleAvailability Q1 2019
PUT Bucket inventoryAvailability Q4 2019
PUT Bucket loggingAvailability Q3 2019
PUT Bucket notificationAvailability Q4 2019
PUT Bucket policyAvailability Q2 2020
PUT Bucket replicationAvailability Q4 2019
PUT Bucket requestPaymentUnscheduled
PUT Bucket taggingAvailability Q2 2019
PUT Bucket versioningSets the versioning state of an existing bucket
PUT Bucket websiteAvailability Q3 2019

Object Operations

✔ = Feature available / ✘ = Feature not yet available

DELETE Multiple ObjectsAvailability Q4 2019
DELETE ObjectDeletes an object
DELETE Object taggingAvailability Q2 2019
GET ObjectRetrieves an object
GET Object ACLGets the ACL of an object
GET Object taggingAvailability Q2 2019
GET Object torrentAvailability Q1 2020
HEAD ObjectGets object metadata
OPTIONS objectAvailability Q1 2019
POST ObjectAdds an object to a bucket by using HTML forms
POST Object restoreAvailability Q2 2019
PUT ObjectAdds an object to a bucket
PUT Object copyCopies an object
PUT Object ACLAdds an ACL to an object
PUT Object taggingAvailability Q2 2019
SELECT Object Content (Preview)Availability Q2 2021
MultipartInitiates, aborts, completes, lists, uploads, uploads copy

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