What is a bootscript and how to use it

Bootscript - Overview

This page shows you how to boot an instance with a specific bootscript. Bootscripts allow you to start an instance with a specific Kernel version.


A bootscript is composed of three elements:

  • The kernel
  • The initrd - An archive containing the scripts needed to fetch the missing kernel modules and dynamically mount your NBD root volume, fully loaded in RAM before loading your volumes.
  • The cmdline - Passed to the kernel at startup. Available for the initrd scripts and available from the instance with the following command cat /proc/cmdline.

important: If you attach a bootscript while your instance is running, you will have to reboot the instance to apply changes.

Changing Instances bootscript

1 . In the Compute section of the management console, select the instance you want to change the bootscript.

2 . Click on the Advanced Settings tab.

3 . Choose the bootscript you want to use and click on Save:

Server bootscript

4 . Reboot your instance. In a few seconds, your instance will be running with the new bootscript.

5 . Connect your instance and run uname -a to verify kernel the version.

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