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How to connect your namespace to the Docker CLI

Published on 25 February 2019

Docker is a tool which makes it easy to manage container images. You can use Docker to push and pull images to and from your Scaleway Container Registry. We show you how to set up Docker on your local computer to connect to your Container Registry.

  1. Click Container Registry in the Tools section of the Scaleway Console side menu. The Container Registry namespaces dashboard displays.

  2. Click «See more Icon», then Push Instructions next to the namespace you want to push to. A pop-up displays.

  3. Copy the push instructions. Then click OK to close the pop-up.

  4. Open a terminal window on your local computer. Then log into the namespace by running the following command from the terminal:

    docker login rg.fr-par.scw.cloud/mynamespace -u nologin -p [SCW_SECRET_KEY]

    Replace [SCW_SECRET_KEY] with your API Secret Key and mynamespace with the name of your namespace.

    Once logged in, a confirmation is displayed:

    Login Succeeded

You are now logged in and ready to push and pull images to and from your Container Registry with Docker.

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