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How to create a namespace

Published on 25 February 2019

Scaleway Container Registry is a fully-managed mutualised container registry, designed to facilitate the storage, management and deployment of container images. The service simplifies the development-to-production workflow, as there is no need to operate your own Container Registry or to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Within your Container Registry, namespaces allow you to manage your registry in a clear, simple and human-readable way. A namespace is a collection of container images, each bearing the unique identifier of that namespace. To start using your Container Registry, you first need to create a namespace.

  1. Click Container Registry in the Tools section of the Scaleway Console side menu. If you do not have a Registry already created, the product creation page is displayed:

  2. Click Create a namespace to launch the namespace creation wizard.

  3. Enter the following required information for your namespace:

    • The Name for the namespace
    • A Description of the namespace
    • The geographical Region of the namespace
    • The namespace’s Privacy Policies

    A namespace can either be public or private. Anyone will be able to pull container images from a public namespace. Privacy policies may be set at image level.

  4. Click Create a namespace to create the namespace.

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