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Containers limitations

Published on 12 October 2021

This section contains usage limits that apply when using Serverless Containers. For limits marked with an asterisk (*), lower quotas might apply, please reach our support to increase them.

NamespacesMax Number20*Project
ContainersMax Number50*Namespace
ContainersMax Number50*Organization
Maximum RAMMax100 GB*Organization
Image size CompressedMax size250 MBContainer
Image size UncompressedMax size1 GBContainer
Temporary disk sizeMax size512 MiContainer
Invocation rateMax Number1000 per secondContainer
ConcurrencyMax80Container Instance
Scale (Number of simultaneous Container Instance)Max20Container
Environment VariablesMax Number100Container + Namespace
Environment VariablesMax Size1000 charsEnvironment Variable
Secret Environment VariablesMax Number100Container + Namespace
Secret Environment VariablesMax Size65536 bytesSecret Environment Variable
Time before scale to zeroTimeup to 15 minInstance
Time before scale downTime30 sInstance
TimeoutMax900 sRequest
PayloadMax Size6 MBRequest


The limits mentioned beforehand are technical limits. Account quotas are also applied.

Configuration Restrictions

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the product, we restrict the use of certain ports and environment variables

  • Blocked port:

    • 25: Due to potential abuse (SPAM), no outbound traffic is allowed through this port
  • Forbidden custom ports Please don’t make your containers listen on these ports which are used by our service.

    • 8008
    • 8012
    • 8013
    • 8022
    • 9090
    • 9091
  • Reserved environment variables:

    • PORT: Port on which your server should listen to default is 8080
    • SCW_*: Reserved for product configuration (for example: token validation)