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How to configure the reverse DNS of a failover IP

Reviewed on 13 April 2022Published on 13 April 2022

You can edit the reverse DNS of a failover IP address to a custom value. This can be useful when you want to send email from your Dedibox, as certain remote mail servers do not accept mails coming from generic reverse hostnames.

  1. Click Dedibox in the Compute section of the side menu.

  2. Click the Failover IPs tab to display a list of your failover IPs.

  3. Click «See more Icon» next to the failover IP you want to edit. A drop down menu displays.

  4. Click Edit reverse. A pop-up displays.


    You can click «See more Icon» next to the IP you want to configure in the listing of the failover IPs in the left.

  5. Enter a new IPv4 reverse DNS and click Save changes.


    Make sure that a valid and corresponding A-Record is set for the reverse DNS you want to configure.

The reverse DNS (PTR-Record) of the failover IP is being updated.

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