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How to link your existing Dedibox account to Scaleway

Reviewed on 31 January 2022Published on 31 January 2022

You can now manage your current and future Dedibox servers from the Scaleway console. This allows you to get the best console experience for your Dedibox servers.


You can come back to your current Dedibox console at anytime after you have received an invitation by email. Refer to our FAQ for more information.

  1. Click the Get Started button in the email you received. The Link Dedibox page displays. Click Get started.

  2. Click Connect to Dedibox to start the linking process for your Dedibox account.

  3. Enter your Dedibox login information and click Sign in.

  4. If we found an existing Scaleway account sharing the same email address as your Dedibox account, you are asked to log in using your Scaleway password or by requesting a magic link. If no related account was found, you are asked to enter your account details.


    If you want to link your Dedibox account to another Scaleway account, click Choose another account to enter the new account credentials.

  5. Select the Organization of your Scaleway account to which you want to link your Dedibox servers to, then click Select Organization.


    If required, click Create a new Organization to create a new Organization for your servers.

  6. Select the personal and the billing information you wish to use for your Scaleway account. You can either use the personal and the billing information of your selected Scaleway Organization or the information linked to your Dedibox account. Then tick the checkboxes to confirm that:

    • You have taken note of your login for the Scaleway console.
    • Your Dedibox and Scaleway Elements account information will be updated with the information given on this page.
    • You have understood that linked accounts can not be unlinked.
    • Payment information will not be transferred or updated on either account.

    Click Choose antoher account if you want to link your Dedibox account with a Scaleway account with a different email address.

  7. Click Link this account to complete the linking process. Your console Dashboard displays and you can now manage your Dedibox servers from the Scaleway console:

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