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How to order a Dedibox

Reviewed on 31 January 2022Published on 31 January 2022

How to order a Dedibox

  1. Click Dedibox in the Compute section of the side menu. The Dedibox overview page displays.

  2. Click + Order a Dedibox server to launch the creation wizard.

  3. Choose a Datacenter, in which your Dedibox server will be deployed. Then select the server offer to deploy and click Server options >.


    You can group the offer list by clicking on the tab corresponding to each offer group.

  4. Select the service level for your server. Based on the service level you can customize your server with additional options, such as storage or DDoS protection. Then click Summary >.

  5. Read the order summary and tick the checkboxes. Click Create a server to confirm your order.

A confirmation of your order displays. In most cases, your Dedibox server is delivered within the hour.

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