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How to verify your identity

Reviewed on 22 December 2021Published on 11 June 2021

In order to upgrade your account to Build level and be able to order any type of Scaleway Elements resource, you need to verify your identity.

  1. Click Verify my identity in the banner on the Organization dashboard.

  2. Click Start to proceed.

  3. Select the country/region of issue and the type of your identity document.


    Use a valid government-issued photo ID. A residence permit is also considered a valid identity card. These are some examples of documents not accepted by the Jumio ID verification tool:

    • Birth certificate
    • Company ID
    • Credit card
    • International driving license
    • Student ID (except for Poland)
    • Visa (except for student/work visa issued by the U.S. and China).
  4. Select between taking a photo of your ID with your PC or mobile.

    Follow the next three steps to submit proof of your identity:

  5. Click Start to center your ID and take a photo.


    console.scaleway.com will request access to your camera. If you wish to proceed, allow your browser to use the camera.

  6. Check the photo, as instructed, and click Confirm if you can:

    • Read the details
    • See the whole ID

    The face verification steps begin.

  7. Click Start to proceed.

  8. Frame your face in the small oval, then the big oval.

Once the verification is complete, a message appears to inform your ID document is being reviewed.

When the review is finalized you will be notified in the console.

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