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How to create an IPv6 subnet

Reviewed on 03 August 2021Published on 03 August 2021

You can split your IPv6 prefix into several subnetworks and use them on your Dedibox servers both in Paris and Amsterdam. Each subnetwork has its own DUID and can be configured individually.

  • You can create as many /56 subnets as you have servers.
  • You can create as many /64 subnets as you have failover IPs.
  1. Click Server > Network configuration in the Dedibox console. The network configuration pages displays. Scroll down to the IPv6 network configuration section.

  2. Click the cogwheel next to your /48 prefix. Then click Create subnet.

  3. Select the subnet you want to create from the drop-down list. Then click Create subnet

The subnet will be created and visible in the list of your IPv6 subnets along with its DUID.


To create /64 networks for virtual machines, repeat the steps above by clicking on the cogweel next to the /56 subnet.

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