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Bare Metal servers

Let us address the most common questions you have about Bare Metal as a Service.

What are Bare Metal servers?

Bare Metal Cloud is the next generation of dedicated servers by Scaleway Elements. Get 100% dedicated hardware billed by the hour (Bare Metal as a Service). There is no minimum commitment and you are only billed for what you have consumed.

Several operating systems are available for automatic installation from the management console. You can also install your own OS on a Bare Metal server by using the built-in KVM-over-IP device.

What are the differences between the different Bare Metal Server ranges?

We provide several ranges of Bare Metal servers, each of them designed to meet the requirements of your different workloads:

  • General Purpose Production-grade dedicated servers designed for a wide range of application, from high-traffic sites, Software-as-a-Service applications, or high-performance computing offer these machines stability and reliability for your business applications.
  • High CPU Bare Metal servers equipped with the most powerful processors available on the market. These machines are the ideal workhorses for CPU demanding tasks.
  • High Memory Bare Metal servers designed for memory demanding tasks like large databases. These machines come with up to 768 GB of RAM for your applications.
  • Ultimate Performance The largest Bare Metal servers available on the market. Equipped with the largest amounts of CPU power and memory they can handle the extremest workloads for mission-critical applications.

Which hypervisor do you use?

There is no hypervisor on Bare Metal servers. You get a 100% dedicated server for constant and predictable performances. However, you can install an hypervisor yourself using the KVM.

Which OS are available for installation on Bare Metal servers?

We provide a range of Linux distributions for automatic installation from the Scaleway console. All of our Bare Metal servers provide a dedicated KVM over IP device, allowing you to install your favourite operating system from an ISO file.

How can I reinstall a Bare Metal server?

You can reinstall a Bare Metal server with a few clicks at any time directly from your management console.

It is possible to install your own operating system on a Bare Metal server from an ISO file by using the remote access feature and the dedicated KVM-over-IP device of your machine.

Are Bare Metal servers VMWare certified?

Our new generation of Scaleway Bare Metal servers BM2 are VMWare certified to ensure the smooth running of all your VMWare applications.

Are Bare Metal servers SAP certified?

Yes, our Ultra Performance Bare Metal servers UP-BM2-XL are SAP certified. Their performance makes them ideal to run all of your SAP workloads.

What happens to the data stored on the disks when I delete the server?

After deletion, all data present on the disks of a Bare Metal server is wiped using a secure algorithm. Make sure to back up your data before deleting a server, as data cannot be restored once the disks are wiped.

Can I make changes to the BIOS settings or update the firmware of a Bare Metal server?

It is not allowed to modify BIOS settings of Bare Metal servers. Each modification may lead to a malfunction of the system resulting in your data becoming unavailable. Firmware updates are managed by Scaleway Elements. In case your Bare Metal server requires a firmware upgrade, it will be installed automatically upon reboot of the server.

What is the difference between a flexible IP and a failover IP?


  • IPs are not lost when shutting down the server
  • DNS reverse management


  • No MAC type VMWare, KVM, Xen on Instances
  • Only one IP per Instance and several on Bare Metal server