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Dedibox to Elements

Discover how to link your Dedibox servers to your Scaleway account.

What is the account linking process for?

The linking process is available to help you link your Dedibox and Elements accounts.
Once the process is complete, you will be able to manage your Dedibox Servers and associated services from the Scaleway console, as well as from the existing console.online.net console.

What happens during the account linking process?

During the process, your Dedibox account is linked to your Scaleway Elements account so that you can find all your Dedibox servers in the new console.
When you don’t have a Scaleway Elements account, the process allows you to create a Scaleway Elements account from your Dedibox information. This allows you to find all of your Dedibox servers in the new console and enjoy a new experience.

What are the time constraints for linking accounts?

Accounts are linked at the user’s request. You can launch the process at any time from the link provided in the email invitation.

Is account linking free?

Yes. The link of your Dedibox account to the Scaleway console is completely free of charge.

How long does the account linking process take?

The account linking process takes about 5 minutes. This is the time required to review all of your account information.

If you already have a Scaleway account, you must be the owner of the Organization you would like to link your Dedibox account to. You should also make sure that this Organization has the same country as your Dedibox account. If it’s not the case, you should create a new account, or contact our support team to change the country.

Are my other Online.net services (web hosting, domains, Dedirack, etc.) linked to my Scaleway account during the process?

No. The other Online.net services will not be linked at this stage but will remain accessible in the Dedibox console.

Is there date when the Dedibox console (console.online.net) will stop being available?

No. The current Dedibox console will remain accessible.

Will the new console replace the current one?

Some operations are not yet available in the Scaleway console but you will soon be able to do everything you need.
In the meantime, the Dedibox console and all the Dedibox server management features remain available after the account link.

Can I still use the Dedibox console after the upgrade?

Yes, you can continue to use the Dedibox console to manage all other Online.net services, as well as your Dedibox servers.

What is the current functional coverage of Dedibox in Elements?

SERVERS MANAGEMENTServer listAccess the list of all your Dedibox serversAvailable
Server overviewAccess information about one of your Dedibox servers (inc. Network, Service level & options, Back-up, Customization, Logs)Available
Server actionsPerform actions on you Dedibox servers (inc. Installation, KVM access, Reboot, Reboot in Rescue, RAID Configuration)Available
Server orderOrder new Dedibox serversAvailable
NETWORK MANAGEMENTIPv6Order and configure your IPv6 Block (inc. /56 & /64 subnets configuration)Available
IP FailoverOrder and configure your IP Failover addresses.Edit your IP Failover assignation.Available

What is the roadmap for the availability of features?

SERVERS MANAGEMENTServer metricsAccess the metrics of your Dedibox servers (inc. statistics, monitoring)Q3 2022
NETWORK MANAGEMENTRPNCreate, list and manage all your RPN groups (V1 and V2)Q2 2022
RPN-VPNOrder and manage your RPN-VPNQ3 2022
ACCOUNTAbuse ManagementManage your Scaleway abuses in one single placeQ3 2022
Support ManagementCreate and manage your Scaleway support tickets in one single placeQ3 2022
BILLINGPayment method Management (SEPA, CB)Manage your Scaleway payment methods (SEPA, CB) in one single placeQ3 2022
Invoices consultationConsult your old invoices for your Dedibox servers servicesQ3 2022
Invoice managementReceive and pay a unique invoice for your Scaleway productsQ3 2022
OUTSOURCINGOutsourcing ManagementOutsource your Dedibox servers and the associate services. Manage outsourced Dedibox servers and the associate servicesQ4 2022

What information is synchronized between the two consoles?

We will synchronize your personal information (first name, last name, email address, phone number) and billing information (address, company name - if any, VAT number - if any, billing contact) between Scaleway and Dedibox.
Once linked, you will be able to edit this information from the Scaleway console only.

Will I have a single login in the future?

In the future, you may only need to use your Scaleway login information to connect to the Scaleway console and to manage all your Scaleway products.

What impact will linking accounts have on my billing?

Initially, billing will not be impacted by the linking of accounts. You will continue to receive an invoice for each type of product (one for Dedibox and one for Scaleway Elements). The payment method entered in each console will allow you to pay the associated invoices.
In the future, billing will be unified for Dedibox and Elements. You will receive a single, unified invoice for all your products (Dedibox and Scaleway Elements), and a unique payment method will allow you to pay all of your Scaleway services.

Where can I find my Dedibox invoices, following the linking of my accounts?

Initially, you will be able to find your Dedibox invoices in the Dedibox console.
In the future, Dedibox and Elements invoicing will be unified. You will be able to find all your invoices in the Elements console (old Dedibox invoices as well as all new invoices).

Following the linking of my accounts, will I find my Dedibox payment methods in the Elements console?

Initially, the Dedibox payment methods will not be accessible on Elements following the linking process. You will have to continue to manage them from the Dedibox console to be able to pay your Dedibox invoices.
It is planned that, you will find all your active payment methods in the Elements console. You will be able to choose a unique payment method for all of your Scaleway services.

Will the current Dedibox API system continue to work?

Yes, the API system is not impacted by account linking.

What are the terms of the voucher offered for the migration?

For the first customers following the linking process, we offer a voucher code that you can use to generate a discount to use on our cloud services ordered through the Scaleway Console, except Dedibox products.
New customers and customers that already have an Elements account are both eligible to use the voucher. The voucher will be valid for 6 moths after reception of the invitation email.
You can find more information on how to redeem your voucher on this page.

How can I ask my remaining questions?

Find us on the #dedibox-in-scaleway-console channel on Slack.