How to Backup your Data

Backup Feature Overview

The Backup feature is used to back up your data. It creates an image of a snapshot that contains all your volumes. The backup feature is available on all series of servers but for BareMetal servers the server has to be archived before the backup can be done. The same applies when performing a snapshot.

Creating backups of your server is free. However, keep in mind that as the backup feature creates snapshots of your volumes, you will be billed for these snapshots.

You can restore your server and all your data using that image created from the backup.


Creating a Backup from the Scaleway Console

1 . On your Server Dashboard, select the running server on which you want to perform a backup.

2 . Once the server details are displayed, scroll to the Backup section and click on Backup Server.

3 . Enter a name of the Backup and confirm:


A pop-up informs you that your backup has been created and stored in your images (accessible via the side menu)

Restoring your Server from a Backup

1 . On top menu, click Images & Backups. To use your backup image, you must create a new server.


2 . Choose the backup that you want to restore and click on Create server from image:


3 . Enter the details of the new server.

Note: As your image already contains volumes, you cannot add additional volumes. Only the the image’s volume are taken into account.

4 . Click Create a new server

Creating a Backup via the Scaleway API

A backup is created using the command:

/POST servers/<id>/action

By default, the name of the image is built according to the name of the server and the date:


Alternatively you can specify a name for the image in the request:

/POST servers/<id>/action
{ "action":"backup", "name":"myimagename" }

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