How to migrate from one instance to another


The Scaleway platform makes it very easy to upscale your node to a more powerful one when your requirements grow. In this tutorial we will upgrade a Start-1 instance to a BareMetal instance using snapshots. You can easily switch between all x86 Cloud Instances, no matter if you want to upscale or downscale your instance.


Stopping the instance (Preferred)

Important: Hot Snapshots are available on Virtual Cloud Instances, however it is recommended to stop your instance before taking a snapshot to avoid data corruption.

If you have a BareMetal Cloud instance, power off your server by clicking on the “•••” button, then on “Archive”.

Archive server

Creating a snapshot of your Cloud Instance

1 . Click on the Attached Volumes tab to see the volumes attached on your instance:

Attached Volumes

2 . Choose the volume that you want to snapshot and click on Snapshot:

Attached Volumes

3 . Enter the details of the snapshot and click on Take Snapshot to launch the snapshot creation.

Warning: Hot Snapshots can potentially lead to inconsistent data or data loss. Before taking a Hot Snapshot, you should always sync the data on your disk and stop IO-intensive processes. Whenever possible you should take a cold (server powered off) snapshot.

A BareMetal server has to be powered off before you can create the snapshot.

Converting the snapshot into a volume

1 . Enter the Snapshots section of the management console and check the box of the Snapshot you want to use for your image and open the menu. Then click Image from Snapshot:

Image from Snapshot

2 . Enter the details (image name and system architecture (arm, x86_64, arm64) of the new image). Validate the form by clicking on Create image from snapshot.

Spinning up a New Instance

1 . Click the Create Server button, enter the My Images section and choose the Image that you have created previously.

New server from Image

If you want to upscale your Cloud Instance, disable the public IP of the server, to use the IP attached to the existing instance for the new one. Click the “Change” button and select “No public IP”. If you want to spin up another instance with the same image you can keep the settings by default.

Create and start the instance.

If you want to upscale your instance, we have to assign the IP address to the new instance now.

Go to the network section of your account to see your IP.


Click the existing IP address you want to attach to your new server. In the servers section click the “Edit” button to change the server attached to this IP address.


Your new instance is started on a new volume created from a snapshot and you can reach it via the IP Address of your previous instance.


Don’t forget to delete your old instance if you don’t need it any more.

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