How to Recover your Lost Password

How to Recover your Lost Password

In case you have lost the password of your Scaleway console account, several methods exist to regain access to your account.

Passwordless Authentication Using a Magic Link

The Magic Link allows to authenticate without a password by using a two factor authentication by sending you a secret link by mail. You can access your account by clicking on that link without the need for entering a password.

Password Reset Using Email Validation

In case you do not want to authenticate using a Magic Link, you can request a reset of your password.

1 . Open a web browser and go to the lost password page of the console:

2 . Enter your e-mail address and click on Reset my password.

3 . A password reset link is being sent to your e-mail address. Click on the link in the e-mail address to reset your password:

4 . Enter your new password and click on Reset password to set the new password for your account:

5 . You are being redirected to the login screen of the console. Log into the console by using your e-mail address and the newly set password.

Password Recovery in Case of Lost Access to the Email Account

In case you have lost access to your e-mail account, it will not be possible to reset its password directly from the Scaleway console. In this case, contact our dedicated Trust&Safety team by e-mail, providing the following documents:

  • Your Scaleway login (e-mail address)
  • Another valid e-mail address
  • Two different documents proofing your identity (passport or local ID card for individual accounts + incorporation certificate for companies)
  • A phone number to contact you
  • Copy of your last Scaleway invoice or the amount of your last invoice if you do not have a copy of it
  • A card or bank account statement showing a Scaleway transaction.

Send these documents by e-mail to:

Your e-mail address will be updated upon receipt of the request, subject to validation.

Once your e-mail address has been updated, you can use this form to request a validation link by e-mail.

Password Security Guidelines

Besides of the fact to create a complex password, containing UPPERCASE and lowercase letters, symbols (@, $, &, …) and numbers, some basic rules exist to keep your password - and your account - safe:

  • Never give your password to anyone. Especially not by mail/irc/MSN, … Scaleway employees will never ask you for your password.
  • Use two factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.
  • Do not write down your password.
  • Always disconnect from your account.
  • Do not leave your session open if you are away from your computer.

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