Instances Shutdown-Modes

Instances Shutdown-Modes

Two options are available to shutdown compute instances:

  • Power-off Mode
  • Standby Mode

Power-off Mode

The Power-off mode shuts down a compute instance by transferring all data on the local volume of the instance to a volume store. The physical node is being released back to the pool of available machines. The reserved flexible IP of the instance remains available in the account.

Important: Depending on the amount of data to be archived, the process can take time.

To power off a compute instance, click on the On/Off button in the management console:


A pop-up displays, asking for confirmation to switch the Compute Instance into Power-off Mode. Once confirmed, the instance is being stopped, data is being transferred to a storage cluster and the compute instance is being released from your account. Click on Power off this instance to confirm:

Power Off

Important: When a server is in Power-off Mode only the reserved flexible IP address and Volumes are billed.

Standby Mode

The Stand-by mode is designed to temporary stop an instance. When you stop a compute instance into Stand-by Mode, the server is being halted, but the compute instance remains allocated to your account and all data remains on the local storage of the instance.

To stop an instance into Stand-by mode, scroll down on the instances details page to the Standby Mode section:

Switch to Standby

Click on Switch to standby mode, to halt the instance in standby mode. A popup displays to confirm switching into standby mode:

Standby Mode

Click on Standby to confirm. The instance is being halted.

Important: A compute instance in standby mode is considered as allocated to your account. This means you will be billed for the compute instance, the storage and the reserved flexible IP.

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