Monitor your Object Storage consumption with the Metrics feature

Object Storage Metrics - Overview

Scaleway Object Storage is a S3 compliant storage solution, allowing you to store any kind of objects (documents, images, videos, etc.). The Object Storage Metrics feature makes it easy to monitor your Object Storage consumption with a graphical interface from your Scaleway console.

Object Storage Metrics provides information about:

  • The number of objects in a bucket
  • The storage used
  • The outgoing bandwidth usage of a bucket


Accessing Object Storage Metrics

1 . To access the metrics of your bucket, connect yourself to your Scaleway console.

2 . Click on Object Storage in the in Storage section of the side menu.

3 . The list of all your Object Storage buckets displays. Click on the bucket you want to see the metrics of.

4 . Click on the Metrics tab to see the bucket’s metrics:

Number of objects stored in the bucket:

Storage and bandwidth usage:

Important: Please note that these graphs are based on a single daily value, and do not represent the hourly fluctuation of your data, but rather give you an insight into the overall progression of your data consumption. Therefore, they are not suitable for estimating your final invoice.

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