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Increasing volume via API

Reviewed on 02 June 2021Published on 10 January 2020
  1. Inspect the volume and verify its name, size and if the type is b_ssd by running the following request.

    curl -q -H "X-Auth-Token: $SECRET_KEY" -X GET https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<REGION>/volumes/<VOLUME_ID>

    Replace <REGION> with the geographical region of the cloud instance. This value can either be fr-par-1 or fr-par-2 for instances located in Paris, nl-ams-1 for instances located in Amsterdam, or pl-waw-1 for instances located in Warsaw. Replace <VOLUME_ID> with the unique identifier of the volume, which can be found on the Scaleway console under Instances > Volumes > More Info (for the selected volume).

    The following response should appear as an output:

    {"volume": {"creation_date": "2020-06-02T08:04:50.094118+00:00", "server": null, "id": "VOLUME_ID", "size": 25000000000, "name": "myAwesomeVolume", "zone": "<REGION>", "export_uri": null, "volume_type": "b_ssd", "modification_date": "2020-06-02T08:04:50.094118+00:00", "state": "available", "organization": "<ORGANIZATION_ID>"}}
  2. To modify the volume size, run the request below:

    curl https://api.scaleway.com/instance/v1/zones/<REGION>/volumes/<VOLUME_ID> -H "X-Auth-Token: $SECRET_KEY" -X PATCH -H 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8' --data '{ "name":"new_name", "size":26000000000 }'

    Replace <REGION>and <VOLUME_ID> following the guidelines mentioned previously and replace the existing size value with the new one.


    You can use the same request to change the name of you volume by replacing new_name by another of your choice. If you do not wish to change the volume name, erase "name":"new_name",from the request before running it.

    A response appears confirming the changes:

    {"volume": {"creation_date": "2020-06-02T08:04:50.094118+00:00", "server": null, "id": "<VOLUME_ID>", "size": 26000000000, "name": "new_name", "zone": "<REGION>", "export_uri": null, "volume_type": "b_ssd", "modification_date": "2020-06-02T08:08:27.385208+00:00", "state": "resizing", "organization": "<ORGANIZATION_ID"}}
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