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Getting Started


Learn how to create, set up and use a Scaleway account in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Scaleway.

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Check our guides to creating, setting up and managing your Scaleway account.

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Additional content

Guides to understanding Scaleway quotas, product availability, and network.

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API Documentation

Discover our API and DevTools and check out integration tools for Scaleway products.

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  • Containers


    Serverless Containers maximum scale raised to 50 instances

    Serverless Containers can now scale up to 50 instances instead of 20, for your most demanding workloads.

  • Elastic Metal


    Elastic Metal now available in Warsaw

    Your favorite dedicated servers are now available in Poland, offered in both the WAW-2 and WAW-3 AZs 🌍. We are gradually increasing our stock in this region and you can already order our latest Beryllium server range in WAW-3.

  • Domains and DNS


    Price adjustments for domain extensions

    Due to a significant price increase by certain registries, we are adjusting our prices accordingly. The new pricing for domain creation, renewal, and transfer is as follows:

    • .art (creation, renewal, transfer): €26.23 excl. taxes
    • .at (creation, renewal, transfer): €20.41 excl. taxes
    • .it (creation, renewal): €7.81 excl. taxes
    • .lu (creation, renewal): €27.78 excl. taxes
    • .nl (creation, renewal): €7.71 excl. taxes
    • .pl (creation, renewal, transfer): €34.98 excl. taxes
    • .tm (creation, renewal, transfer): €558.94 excl. taxes
    • .ws (renewal): €30.58 excl. taxes
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