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The goal of this platform is to provide you with information about all the resources in the Scaleway Ecosystem and the procedures you should follow to get the best experience from our products and services. You will find concepts, how-tos, beginner and advanced tutorials, API documentation and videos.

To help you find content in the most effective way, Scaleway has organized its content into several types, each with its own focus.

Content TypeDescription
ConceptsExplanation-oriented, we explain a core concept in simple terms with architecture diagrams.
QuickstartsLearn how to create and use resources with a few straightforward steps.
How ToLearn how to create and manage all your resources from the Scaleway console.
API and CLILearn all the rules and protocols to build and interact with Scaleway applications through the code or the command line.
Reference ContentWe provide detailed information on various specific subjects.
TroubleshootingWe give solutions to help you resolve known issues and prevent common problems.
VideosIf you prefer to get your information by video rather than text, we offer a range of videos as an alternative to our written documentation.
TutorialsLearn how to use your Scaleway resources with third-party tools to take your deployments even further.
FAQFrequently asked questions about the Scaleway ecosystem.
DevelopersA complete guide to our API, giving you the tools and references you need to manage your Scaleway products and services in your code or command line.

Quickstart Guide

The goal of this document is to provide clients with information about every resource in the Scaleway ecosystem and the procedures they should follow to get the best experience from the Scaleway services.

Scaleway Quickstart Guide (PDF, 2.58MB)
Learn more about Scaleway products through this PDF guide.