Bare Metal - Installation from the KVM

Bare Metal - Installation from the KVM over IP device

Each Bare Metal server provides a dedicated KVM over IP device, allowing you to access the keyboard, video, and mouse of the machine remotely, allowing access to the machine even in case the installed OS is not working properly to debug the system - or to install an own OS from a remote ISO file.

Creating a Remote Access Session

1 . Log yourself into the management console, then click on Bare Metal in the menu on the left.

2 . Click on the name of the Bare Metal server that you want to access, followed by a click on the Remote Access tab on the servers overview page.

3 . Validate the conditions of use for the KVM over IP access, check the corresponding box and click on Manage Connection

4 . Enter the IP address of your Internet connection in the pop-up box and confirm.

5 . The connection credentials for for the remote access are displayed:

6 . Open the connection URL displayed in a new browser window and log into the BMC of the server with the provided username and password.

7 . Click on Remote Control in the menu on top of the page, then on Console Redirection. A Java Web Start file is downloaded to the local computer.

8 . Launch the remote console by double clicking on the file downloaded:

9 . To mount a local ISO file, click on Media > Virtual Media Wizzard:

10 . Choose the ISO file for the virtual CD ROM by clicking on Browse. Then mount it by clicking on Connect CD/DVD:

11 . Once the image file is connected, the following message displays:

12 . Reboot the server by clicking on Power > Power Cycle Server:

13 . Once the server has rebooted, and the logo of the manufacturer displays, press on F11 to enter the BIOS boot menu.

14 . Select AMI Virtual CDROM0 1.00 in the list of boot devices.

15 . The server boots on the ISO image connected as virtual media:

16 . Continue with the installation from the setup tool of the OS.

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