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How to create a Bare Metal Server

Reviewed on 26 May 2021Published on 26 May 2021

Scaleway Bare Metal as-a-Service allows you to order dedicated servers on-demand, like cloud instances. Bare Metal servers can be used for large workloads, big data and applications that require increased security and dedicated resources.

  1. Click Bare Metal in the Compute section of the Scaleway Console side menu. The Bare Metal creation page displays.

  2. Click Create a Bare Metal Server. The server creation wizard displays.

  3. Complete the following steps of the wizard:

    • Choose an Availability Zone in which your Bare Metal server will be deployed.
    • Choose an image to run on your server. If you don’t know yet which image you want to run on the Bare Metal server, you can order the server without a preinstalled image.
    • Select the configuration of the server you want to deploy.
    • Enter a name for the server, and optionally add a description and tags to help you organize your Bare Metal servers.
  4. Click Create a Bare Metal server to order the server.

You can follow the delivery progress from the list of Bare Metal Servers.

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